Whispering Universe – April 10

New Earth Energetic frequencies

from Whispering Universe by Karen Doonan
So how do you feel today? balanced? angry? we ask for the new moon energies are now helping to cleanse and clear at even deeper levels. Personally we have felt the intense heightening of the energies over the past 24 hours or so. For those who are now working on various issues from other dimensional timelines you may feel this a challenging few days. The way to work with these energies is to allow your human conscious mind to anchor that the universe is helping you. To ignore the feelings of irritation will work AGAINST you under the new earth energy signature, for the irritation is not TRUTH, it is evidence if you like that a teaching is trying to play out within your energy signature and that it is attempting to lower it. Many people ask us how to cope with the increase in frequencies and we always advise being consciously aware of being irritated. To start to consciously acknowledge that everything is not ok and work from there. The human race is taught to ignore the lower energetic frequencies and to store them within the heart space. Each time you ignore a feeling or emotion that comes up that you do not “like” then you are effectively trying to re-anchor it. No one stated that life on planet earth would be smooth sailing and yet no one stated it would not be, for ALL JUST IS.
It may be helpful to address a situation from the point of view “ok if everything is perfect what is it that I believe to be true in order for this situation to be other than perfect”. Then work from there, the results of working this way may startle you.  Perception is everything, assumption will work against you in the new earth, to assume that every person thinks and responds to situations the way in which you do is to walk in the teachings for it will allow you to work from the mind and not the heart. It is to be remembered that LOVE is the answer, no matter the question. So many situations are spun out of control by the human mind intervening and making the situation something that in TRUTH it is not.  Chaos and the outpouring of the lower energetic emotions are a heady mix and at this time it may be challenging to try to stay calm when drama appears to be springing up around you but that is exactly what the new earth is asking you to do. Drama is ALWAYS a sign that the teachings of distortion are in operation.  Interacting with any drama is to feed these teachings and in doing so they will blind you to all that is happening. Many people are caught in this circle of energy and it takes a different approach to break the cycle of energy that is created with this. To sit in judgement of another or SELF is to be in the teachings of distortion. Many people use up vast amounts of energy trying to prove themselves right or wrong, in TRUTH ALL JUST IS and the emotional outpouring lowers your energy signature so in TRUTH you are draining SELF  this again will blind you to that which you are in effect trying to dissolve. It may be useful to ask why it is so important to prove yourself right or the other person wrong. What teaching is in operation that feeds this desire? the feeding is designed only to lower the energy signature of the person concerned. Many people assume that by not “defending” themselves that they are saying it is ok for the other person to “win” but again this is duality, each person here on planet earth is experiencing human life uniquely so even two people who agree to agree are not having the same experience. Think of the amount of energy that you have at your disposal when you can detach from the drama and detach from the teachings. Each person is a VAST energy, so vast that you have been taught deliberately by those who sought to contain and suppress to ignore and blind SELF to this energy. The world is changing but it is changing person to person and each person must now take responsibility for their own actions and thoughts and feelings.  It is not TRUTH to lay them at the feet of those you share this planet with. Personally we note how the increase in energy has made those around us more intense. It is to be remembered that many who are termed asleep are ingesting these new energies, all they will FEEL is the increase in emotion, they may not realise what this means for they are still within the teachings of distortion, so those who are more awake and can work with the energies are now asked to have love and compassion for ALL. That may mean space holding for those around you when you are out and about, for taking a few moments NOT to respond to someones behaviour for that might feed a drama, it takes ONE person to detach from a drama for it to be starved of the lower energetic frequencies that it needs to survive. For many who are not more fully aware of the energetic changes happening within and across this planet they may perceive the world as a rapidly changing and therefore frightening place. They may go about their day believing that they must defend their position/life and that life is hard. To change this perception those who are aware of the energetic changes are asked to respond in TRUTH.  Instead of responding to anger with anger, respond with a more relaxed attitude or a smile, often this will move the person who is expressing the anger and PERCEIVING as situation as a drama into a different frequency. Staying calm and neutral is often the way forward and diffuses the drama. There are various ways to work with drama when it arises. At no point are we saying to ignore it, this is a way of finding balance, for when you can note that the drama has flared up, note what “buttons” are being pressed and then detach to become the observer you begin to work on the teachings that are stored DEEP within your BEing. You cannot dissolve something that you are not aware of for you are in effect blind to it. So the next time your “buttons” are pushed take that step back and note what the universe is trying to show you. For LOVE is not about sitting in judgement, it is not about being right or wrong, LOVE JUST IS.  When you are out and about in the world practice holding the LOVE that IS within the heart space and sending it out to those around you. We did this consciously whilst waiting in a queue for our order in a cafe. Whilst the girl serving us took the orders of those behind us we sat a table next to the queue of customers. One by one as the customer gave their order we sent out little bursts of LOVE and EVERY person turned round and smiled.  They may not have realised why they turned round and it was an interesting experiment. We did not speak directly to them, we just sat and spoke with the person we were in the cafe with.  But each person smiled on the way past and some even said hello. Now take that little experiment and amplify it by the 7 billion people on the planet. Each person feeds energetically into the new earth, EACH person is important in the unfolding of the new earth and each person must now ANCHOR this TRUTH.  YOU are a vast being of LIGHT, send that LIGHT out across the planet and watch as the universe returns that LIGHT to you thousand fold.  BE for YOU ARE. Kx Copyright Karen Doonan, all rights reserved http://www.crystalline-sanctuary.com http://www.whisperinguniverse.net
By olinstarwalker

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