Earth sol-3 dimension 5 – April 10

Apr 10th: A little look upon our world

from The true Grid of Earth by Randi Green
In the 4-5D awareness things are black and white, good or bad and diverse strands or lineages of various holographic multidimensional beings were easier to discern. Naturally when we come higher up in dimensions the picture is not clear-cut and places, which in 5D had gone reversed and bad, are not the same in higher levels of the hologram, due to higher infusion of living consciousness on these levels.
Therefore the distinction of energy has to be of how much living consciousness a being holds and not whether or not it is reversed. Extreme primitive beings are less frequent in the higher dimensions and the goal of the holographic game is somewhat different.
I had to ask what was going on in North Korea and the whole war thing.
For starters I am informed of the overall old Orion agenda in the area. Higher levels of Orion races and consciousness do exist, hence my little prologue above about the new discernment.
Energetically speaking the North Korea is fully integrated into parallel Earth, as it looked before the closing down, and in that respect parallel Earth still exist along with other areas holding similar features in our earthly hologram.
During my training, some years ago, I dreamt of parallel Earth and what was going on there – in the old days before the takeover by the Kryst Councils – and what hit me the most was the scenarios of weird and extreme behavior.
For instance I watch a gathering of many people enjoying a sort of sports game. The young girls all dressed in blue-white uniforms considered this to be an honor and the audience saw this as a sort of festival, a normal event every year, which they looked forward to. I remember watching the anticipation of the crowd and I wondered what could take place, when there were so many people gathered, releasing purple balloons, singing and holding musical parades.
Then I looked up and I saw the young girls standing on a repo of concrete about 10-15M above the ground and I wondered once more, because the cheerful and happy atmosphere made me think something good was going to happen. To my shock and utterly surprise the young girls threw themselves of the ramp one by one, and every time they landed on the ground – I will not go into details of what this looked like – the crowd cheered and clapped.
A purple Draco became aware of me due to my lack of enthusiasm and horror, showing clear signs of wrong emotional behavior to the scenes, so I left.
The other scenario was just as extreme and had to do with women being treated like we treat animals in the food industry and again I noticed this calm, accepting, happy and overall cheerful emotional state to the total extreme environment of those humans. This energy is what I see in North Korea.
Look at the pictures: Dancing when launching a rocket or an atom bomb? Look at the massive set-ups of people doing everything as a group-mind, following the directives of their leader without any questions. We saw the same type of behavior in the Stalin USSR and in any other country being ruled by dictators – the flock mentality, the lack of awareness and the overall symptomatic conditioned human behavior.
Why did the young girls throw themselves into death? Well; in such worlds females are not highly esteemed – they are only useful as breeders – and when the quanta needed for the breeding programs is reached, the rest is dispensed as entertainment. One of the traits in the second scenario was this very clear understanding of women as breeders and not really human – more like we see animals here.
We find the same mentality, women as being a lower type of human, in old Rome and the Middle and Near East as well as in ancient Egypt; you know the cultivation of constellation Orion and gods from here, the old Annunaki programs and the Master races of the old civilizations after the cataclysm in 12.500 BCE.
Much of this programming is still present in those areas and needs to be sorted out, cleared and removed by us, being outside and knowing better. We are not being directly (but subconsciously) under the dark spell of those areas and the maintainers of the old energies have left, so it is up to us to clear those areas. Lift them as a flock of living light. The many problems in those areas right now have to do with the lack of the old infused parallel Earth energies, which hold the darkness in place.
Humans in such areas have become dependent on the dark energy and are now “starving” creating their own darkness to uphold the inner balance of unbalance. It is like freeing a severely violated and abused animal from its captivity and put it into a garden full of flowers, food and caring humans. In the beginning this poor creature will try to uphold the old habits of abuse, because this is all it knows and feels comfortable with and it takes time to adjust to the new setting. The same goes for humans in such areas.
The checkerboard reality can only be changed if you, as a citizen of less reversed areas, start to focus on changing the energy structure of those areas from another place of awareness. We are a whole organic structure and humanity is like a body of energy, where the reversed areas are like cancer areas in the body. If we let it grow the whole body will perish and die.
I am going on two things here:
1) Look for areas of our 3D Earth where women are treated very bad and like animals, being used as breeders, hold as domestic animals and used at will by men and their needs, and you have for certain areas holding factions of the old intruder races in 4D or a link to parallel Earth, which actually was fused with our Earth a couple of years ago; I remember seeing parallel Earth in 4D. Especially the old Orion races are the main leaders here and their goons are the Dracos (I guess factions of the Zeta Reticulis are here as well). To them humans are animals and slaves.
2) Notice the weird mental programming or anesthetized state people under those races are in. When people wake up from this state of amnesia into higher understanding, they start to fight and battle back and we need to help those people in such areas to free themselves.
What can you do?
Totally connected and integrated areas as North Korea is not something we can do a lot with. They are sealed of both energetically and locally on our Earth, but areas such as the Middle and Near East and other cultural groups still holding the old Orion agenda alive in politics, treatment of women etc. are something we can affect, because they are a part of our Earth.
Whether you are a male or a female, you have to go deep into your 2nd and 4th chakras. Activate your healing hands and place one hand upon the 2nd chakra and another on the 4D heart chakra. We all hold old collective imprints and memories of suppressing women, being blinded by power and sexual desires, being raped or raping, etc. and even though you are a woman in this life, you hold energetic imprints of male origin, and men hold energetic imprints of female origin.
We all hold energetic imprints of the collective past of humanity. This is how the reversed energy was placed into our bio-field in the old intruder system, and was upholding a certain low frequency in 4D.
When the areas around the Middle and Near East was kept in darkness, in violent states, suppressing women, killing children and so forth, the 4D stargate was (and is) infused with dark energy and spread around the globe by the leylines connected hereto.
Your 2nd and 4th chakras are connected to the leylines, the energysystem of Earth, and the stargates as long as you have not freed yourself from the APIN chakrasystem and when the negative energies are heightened in these areas around the 4th stargate, the negative energy is raised in all of humanity. If you clear yourself out of those energies, in your chakrasystem, the leylines cannot infuse you with the negative energy and it is returned to the nodal or core point of origin. When more and more humans do not respond (subconsciously or directly) to the negative energies of the old Orion areas, then the less violence and suppressing of women is allowed around the world.
If you wonder why some men goes berserk one day; nice caring men, then this has to do with the collective energetic imprints being activated, especially if they live on top of old areas being former warzones etc. holding negative energy from the past. The negative areas on Earth can pull negative energy in from other areas of the world and the more violent behavior is activated in humanity as a whole, the more those stargates connected to the old systems will be kept vital and functioning. The old intruder APIN system runs automatically and we are the ones to stop it now, by not reacting to the impulses from the collective imprints in our bio-field.
Each and one of us hold energetic imprints put into our bio-field to create that specific make-up and we are holding collective hurtful energy from the past of humanity and if we clear this out, heal those imprints in us, then they will be transformed into living light in the collective consciousness field.
By olinstarwalker

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