Earth sol-3 dimension 5 – March 27

Mar 27: New Earth Council and politics in the years to come

by Randi Green
Generally speaking: Not much is happening within the Council these days (end March 2013); only the usual debates on the future of Earth, humanity etc.
What I will talk about here is more or less under the section of creational science, but at the same time the galactic politics are not to be fully understood unless you understand creational science. You can compare it with 3D politics, which is influenced by economy, social standards, division of resources etc. Politics are managing general wealth, resources and power and how this is distributed within classes, single persons, political factions etc. The galactic politics are just the same, except that the holographic reality is far more flexible in the higher dimensions than in 3D.
3D politics are getting closer to a multidimensional understanding of reality by including spaceweather, global weather etc. into the consideration of how this will affect the common wealth due to the unequal distribution of land, water, food and economic possibilities of maintaining a county being severely affected by extreme weather and so forth. In other words the surrounding energy of the cosmos is affecting how we are going to use the natural resources, trade and the use of human resources into manufacturing, sales, marked, service, etc. in a world of energetic disturbances.
Aside this little overview of 3D politics I have pondered upon a puzzle that has been in the back of my mind, but I have not been able to point it out or put it into focus.
I have talked about the period before the spring equinox of 2013 as being the period where we had to choose where we stood, and stand, as either holographic or true beings, or the new and old humanity. Why was this so important?
I have also, not so much in the English texts but in my Danish accounts of the conversations I have had with my inner group, focused on the fact that most of the guides, helpers and inner groups are sections of our own consciousness or – as you have heard other places – portions of our future selves returning to this timeline, because what happens now is important for the future. Yesterday when I saw the video (see the Panergeia Project blog): A crystal child speaks out I got the piece of the puzzle I needed. She said, around 30 min into the interview, that the Pleiadian as well as our guides – as I have said all along – are portions of our own consciousness, but it was the bringing in of the galactic holographic races that gave the clue to me.
The guides being our own fragmented consciousness is something my own guides have told me all along. Most of the inner groups as well as the personages placed in ships etc. are such parts as well, due to voluntarily division as a part of the many-lives-integration-process; it is quite normal for true consciousness beings to integrate themselves into the hologram on different dimensions to be able to create a sort of matrix of consciousness meant to explore and evolve certain aspects of the core template consciousness, which is impossible unless you integrate yourself into the hologram on multiple timelines as well as on multiple dimensions.
The matrix is not the “oversoul” as something outside of us or something that we are controlled by, linked to or anything like that. We create this consciousness matrix to be able to integrate ourselves into the hologram, because our true core template essence holds higher levels of energy than what presently is displayed in the lower reality hologram. We simply have to split our imbedded consciousness into a matrix to be able to manifest into the hologram.
The matrix is therefore an interrelated and interdimensional created structure of consciousness working as a whole, despite the diversion into different timelines and dimensions. As the vibrations raises within the different layers of the matrix, the singularity of the diverse nodalpoints in the various timeframes (cultural paradigms of that particular dimension) will gather into one operating collective consciousness spread out over many lives and places within the hologram. One or two – perhaps even more – specific holographic bodies are chosen to be the collecting or gathering consciousness field, from where the CTC pulls the whole matrix out of the hologram. Normally the matrix, as far as it goes for the CTC implemented into this part of the Maze – the holographic reality fields of Earth – is integrated within the (9th?) or 6th dimension following the woven reality fields of the whales, the dreamers of the reality fields holding our intentions with the integration process in this system. They are the keepers of our story, in case we should forget it ourselves.
Some of the above sketched creational dynamics are involved in what I am trying to explain and some of this is involved into the political decision-making in the Council as well, because when the evolution of Earth is discussed it is also a discussion about the many portions of the CTC which is integrated into holographic Earth. You cannot decide on the behalf of the CTC here on Earth without taking into account the other portions of the same CTC integrated into a holographic body in e.g. the Pleiadian holographic system.
So when such multiple entities, “CTC-matrices” holding multiple bodies in different dimensions and systems are present in the Council, then the overall consciousness field imbedded into this system collects itself into one representative body present in the meetings of the New Earth Council.
This representative body is then taking care of the many other systems this particular CTC-matrix is imbedded into. Not one single participant in the Council has only one “personality” or one holographic body; but we are talking on the behalf of the personality holding the gathering principle in the Council – this has been the overall decision to solve this problem.
Another problem that has to be understood in what I am trying to explain here, is the huge problem of unwilling projection, non-freely fragmentation or forced entanglement.
In my healing work, as well as in my own integration process of timelines and the diverse personalities imbedded into “previous lifetimes” – you do remember the explanation of why we use this technology besides the multiple growth potential in it? Well, if a higher density being of the true worlds decide to integrate or embed parts of the CTC into the hologram on a lower density, as in the 3D worlds, then the orb, holding the holographic imprints of the CTC has to divide its consciousness into multiple bodies because the low-density body cannot hold the higher density consciousness and a full integration of the higher consciousness would scatter the low-density body.
In the holographic realities holding higher frequencies, matching the true worlds more in composition and equanimity (yes I am using the right word here), i.e. not holding the 3D level of polarity and reversed holographic bits (dark crystals), the use of multiple holo-graphic bodies are not brought into play in the same degree. The division of our CTC naturally makes us more vulnerable to the above mentioned problem of unwilling projection, non-freely fragmentation or forced entanglement. I am getting to the conclusion, but without understanding the creational dynamics the point I am heading for will be futile, because you would not understand the importance of what I am trying to convey here.
As you know the old intruders and the old system had the ability to split the multiple imbedded CTC-matrices and hold the factions apart, creating new holographic CTC-matrices holding more of the intruder “DNA” or encoded holographic imprints.
A holographic imprint or coding is what most understand as the “DNA of the soul” or the bits in the CTC as I have termed consciousness units. They look like small plasma crystal like a tiny bubble made out of gel but emitting high frequencies of light creating a golden rainbow emission.
Within each holographic imprint, the CU or string of consciousness, is the whole consciousness of the CTC imbedded and therefore in the true worlds, which created the holographic realities to begin with, we are able to create new CTCs and therefore new trilateral CTCs as we call the Taraian or density-2 being.
Most CTCs are created on a lower density as explained in Vol. 2 and then the holographic imprints, placed within a form, a density-2 being can evolve within the trilateral planetary systems of the true system of Tara, until one day when the Gaian 60 CU template is ready to be fused with the now fully evolved Taraian 36 CU template.
Due to the fragmentation of Tara, as explained in Vol.2, quite a lot of the original beings were sucked into the hologram and the main portion of the planetary system of Tara were destroyed, thus many Taraians imbedded themselves into the holographic worlds to be able to continue the consciousness evolution, gathering what we needed to be able to connect with the next level of the true CTC.
So – those of us who came here voluntarily – have imbedded parts of our Taraian 36 CU template into the holographic worlds of density-1, including Earth and some of us have as well created personalities in higher dimensions such as on Andromeda etc. The division in multiple dimensions and into cultural different worlds made us vulnerable and sitting ducks to the EM fragmentation technology of the intruders, which you know separated the integrated consciousness field – the true density-2 CTC – into minor divided orbs of light. Each orb holds either Taraian or other original racial holographic coding, and enabled the intruders to create new species and races in the holographic reality fields.
What I am trying to explain here is that the races being interested and have invested a lot of recourses in the Earth drama, i.e. the beings and helpers from all over the Milky Way galaxy, are our “future selves” or the fragmented parts of our CTC-matrix placed here and they are desperately trying to get us to vibrate up in order to be able to re-connect, build the CU neutron bridge and are by all means trying to unite through specific symbols, coding etc. making the CU in our human form able to connect – as a sort of tunneling – to the CU in the other and higher dimensional fields of the holographic worlds.
At the same time the remaining parties of the intruders; the Luciferian-Melchizedek-Nagaian (a trilateral lineage of what we have termed fallen souls, i.e. some of the original Taraian CTCs that were sucked into the hologram and have created their own worlds of reversed consciousness and dark crystals) are doing the same thing.
The many battles over the living consciousness pool on Earth have created many factions within the original reversed communities as well as the true worlds. Some of the less reversed races as well as the new races have created their own communities trying to evolve as purely holographic beings, such as the Kryst communities.
So the offering of symbols, teachings etc. have various purposes and a faction of the political debates has to do with the rules of the game so to speak.
Some wants to uphold the forced splitting and support the new holographic worlds, this has created and others want to merge the scattered CTC-matrices into what they intended to do in the first place. The solution was to ask everybody to make a conscious choice on what reality field they wanted to belong to and the following decisions concern whether or not the true beings should let go of the remaining CTCs they have positioned into various reality fields of the hologram, as a sort of seeding of new races, such as the Pleiadian races etc.
What I am saying here is that the divided CTC-matrices have various interests and is in a sort of debate with themselves on how to solve the problem of the forced fragmentation.
Some of them, such as the Pleiadian and some of the Andromedian races are direct descendents (or fragmented CTCs of the Taraians who came here as some of the first independent travelers) holding the original Taraian CTC and holographic coding, but now transformed into matching their holographic system and reality. They are not interested in returning to the Gaian worlds and they have come back to secure that this will not happen, because if their CUs have to be returned to the rightful owners of the old worlds, the Pleiadian world and many others would be serious depleted of living consciousness. They are not mean, they just think that it is their right to uphold what they have gained and evolved on their own. They do not want to be integrated into another CTC, albeit their mother CTC, and become part of the old trilateral system of the true worlds.
The claim that the Pleiadian races are givers of the CU to humans is true as well. The original CTCs have been divided over and over again, giving consciousness imprint or holographic coding to many new races on Earth and many other places. The Pleiadian races were some of the first races to be created out of the old CUs and the new holographic CUs or “DNA” – to make some distinction. The whole blending and merging of races and their CUs are a mess to be frank. It is not that we do not want to give our CUs to others, it has to do with the fact that it takes a specific amount of CU to elevate into a higher density and the CUs being imbedded into other dimensions and races are – for some of the old races – of vital importance.
Anyway the point is: What is being decided on Earth in the years to come is what will term the future of the Milky Way galactic worlds.
So the stakes are high and the many now freed races, both the Kryst, the new and the old races are making some very tough decisions and I do not know whether or not the Kryst worlds holding the main vote on the matters of Earth is a good thing or a bad thing.
As it seems, the last time around, we made quite a lot of not so fortunate decisions, and the “travelling back in time” thing has to do with what is happening right now here on Earth. (Expert from the Panergeia Series Vol. 4, pp 27)
To fully understand the years to come and the political choices:
Read the Panergeia Series

Besides; nothing is certain before humanity in 3D and 4D starts to integrate the new levels of consciousness. Whatever is going on in 5D has to integrate itself into 4D and be manifested into 3D before anything really happens on Earth. The political debates in 5D are like debating in the future and wait for the past to catch up.All in all what is to come depends totally on how well the new teachings, the new science and the new spirituality are accepted by humanity as a whole. Very little can be done before the collective consciousness field has been altered into functioning correctly in 4D.
By olinstarwalker

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