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Building a New World on true science

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Changing the world – how?

From Vol. 4 of the Panergeia Series – still in progress and on its way, but for this page I will use the first chapter, because it covers what I intend to do here:

Before I go even deeper into the crossing of science and higher dimensional thinking and understanding, there are a minor correction to be made: An assumption to be unraveled.

In Vol. 3 I talked about how the midbrain collapses the probability fields into what reality there is and that the cerebrum interprets the collapsed energies into reality. Actually this has to be specified a little bit more and considering what this book is about; consciousness, then this has to be defined correctly.
It is true that the brain works this way, but what needs to be specified is that the probability fields do not collapse: It is the chosen possibilities within the brain that collapses. The probability fields still stand as they are; fields of possible realities – it its within in brain the selection happens and this choice – free will of possible scenarios – is what makes the brain choice between the many possibilities. What choose this for us are usually our belief systems and thought patterns. How we think we should perceive reality, so in the end it is not the mind that collapses the probability fields into what becomes real, but the mind that stops seeing and perceiving the other possibilities.
Take the double-slit experiment as an example. It is believed, based on the old assumption of cause and effect, that when we see the particles, then by observing them we alter their quantum probabilities and they behave like we want them to.
This has lead to many funny interpretations as mind over matter, consciousness as the main controller of worlds etc. and yet we still do not master reality as a whole. The solution is simple:
The superposition and many world interpretation of the quantum world still stand. It does not change. The quantum world and its many possibilities of multiple behaviors are not changeable; it is the way reality is. What changes is our perception of it.
In other worlds, the particles do not change because we are observing them, on the contrary; they still act like wave and particles at the same time; it is the brain that chooses to perceive them as one or the other. I hope you can see the difference? If we want to see them as particles we see them as this, or if we for a moment relaxed our mind and make room for other states of matter, then matter will show us the other states it holds as well.
The Collective Consciousness Field (CCF) in 4D is the key to solve the problem regarding what reality is. On quantum level there is only a small portion of humanity which is able to grasp the implications of this layer of reality. Most humans are only able to grasp the macro-worlds and the large objects in time and space and yet the minority being able to work with the quantum worlds still does not understand it, so they have invented a language to interpret it with; mathematic which is the preferred language in physics.
And what they are actually doing is putting the observed into symbols, they understand. I can do the same thing and if I convince more than one to hold the same language as I am, this person and I can alter the quantum reality fields of the CCF into what we want it to be; remember it holds a specific portions of possibilities and we are the ones to choose which one we perceive and make real.
The macroworlds are therefore created as a joint effort of humanity; they take form after what we are taught to be the true understanding of the worlds. The minority still rules the mind of the many and the new priesthood is called science. Science and scientists are the ones defining the reality for us, and due to most conviction in common human; he or she thinks that science is only for the masterminds, and it is due to the hard mathematical language, but the fact is that anybody bothering to learn how the mechanics work, are able to understand all there is to understand regarding the world.
Just look at it!
Observe and look and stop holding the idea that you do not understand it. By this beliefsystem you are making yourself unable to understand it. By thinking you do not understand, you become it, because your brain collects all the neurons and activates the synapses fit to this assumption. So stop hindering yourself.
All great inventors, such as Einstein, Tesla and Newton saw what they put into mathematic as visual images in their mind before making it into a theory. I see things in my mind before I write them down. I see the patterns, the images and I understand what they are telling me and I translate this into my books. The understanding of how the double-slit experiment had to be understood came to me in the morning, you know just before you are fully awake.
This is the time I get most of my information or just before I go to bed. Then I get all the images and information to the book, I then write the day after. I feel the images with my PNS and my brain interprets the feelings into valid information I can relate to science. I see scientific teaching videos and this is the best way for me to learn. Not by books, but by watching the person who has learned it and really understood it. In other words when I observe a mastermind, i.e. a true mastermind which is a person who can think on his own and create new thought patterns – a genius – most of them are thinking in images and then I understand perfectly what they are telling. You see; reality is made up of images, symbols, patterns and this is the true language. There is a reason for the old languages being based upon pictograms. This is how the cooperating brain is working; when the holistic and visual right hemisphere is connected to the abstract and logic left hemisphere.
The solution is to train your brain into being able to see and understand symbols, images and energy patterns and to remember them naturally.
If I entered a total new level of the holographic reality fields and I was alone there, I could play with changing reality as I change my mind about it. I would perceive all things at one, just by altering my brain waves into being open and perceptive to what reality showed me; like on the quantum fields. Science is observing what they are able to observe for the present state of mind, but this is only a fragment of the complex possibilities it holds.
So the collapsing mechanism is in our mind, but is does not make the other possibilities disappear; they simply are not a part of what we observe any more, but they still exist as a possibility.
Humanity has to be trained into having an open mind. Any old mystery school having proselytes start to unravel the assumptions, the beliefsystems and all that has been taught as being the correct way to perceive reality. And after this hard training – I have undergone the same mill of releasing all I knew – the proselyte starts to see the reality as it is: possibilities and many worlds of action potentials.
When your mind is only situated in 3D and partly 4D (emotions and thoughts) you are controlled by the CCF. The CCF is even so strong that is has created the frequency of the magnetic field around the Earth to vibrate on Alpha 8-13 Hz, corresponding to the PNS and the relaxed brain, mostly seen in the areas of the occipital lobe, in other worlds the area where the visual centre is positioned. We are controlled by sight, our eyes and the visual cortex. Only a little handful of humanity have raised their daily vibrations to a higher level, but if we all joined in and meditated, trained our brain to hold higher frequencies, we could alter the magnetic field into vibrating on higher frequencies making the CCF vibrate higher. This would give us all access to 5D – which is what the new CCF teachings will be all about.
The larger portions of humanity is starting to meditate and train their brain to work as a whole, across the hemispheres, learn the language of symbols, energy and images, and how to translate them into logic, operational actions, then we would start to see a whole other world, than the one we see today.
A normal day would then be like: When we wake up in the morning, we would look out of the window and in a second see the probabilities the day would hold for us. We would see this – all depending on how many dimensions we are able to see into, but let us just take 5D – like e.g. 15 possible scenarios of the day and then we would choose the timeline we would find most interesting.
A timeline is a possibility stream or a vector within the probability field, i.e. the 3D intersecting scalar field of “time and space”.
The choice, the true free will, would then rule out the other 14 timelines. We would then have “collapsed” the field into this one specific reality to outplay itself, albeit the only place the collapsing part would take place, was in our brain and hence what we would perceive that day.
The other 14 possibilities would still be there, but over time, as we continue to choose a specific line of though and emotions (electrons and protons) we would create a cause and effect line in the series of probability fields, creating a more and more likely scenario to unfold for us. If we continuously choose one way of living the other 14 possibilities decay so to speak and the scalar fields, lined up like rows of books, would collapse by themselves into the preferred reality. So there is adaptability within the quantum worlds; if we continue to choose energy in a certain way, we narrow down the possibility fields by always using the same action potential in the field and this constant use of the same frequency will in the end alter the future fields into holding the same vibration.
This is mainly what has happened to the holographic fields of Earth, due to the controlled CCF. Over time our adaptability to hold many world scenarios in our minds have collapsed the brain waves into a very small spectrum of thought and we are now only able to see the reality as we see it now. This is what we need to change.
One by one we have to open up to higher thought, higher vibrational operation in the brain and the conscious use of the PNS and CNS. This is what this blog is about.
By olinstarwalker

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