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Earth sol-3 dimension 5

Grid Reports

Tuesday, March 19, 2013
Mar 19: The New Earth Council
Things are starting to ease up a bit. It was just in the political take over days, that anybody not being Kryst World beings was considered an enemy.

The guidelines for 6D New Kryst Earth still stand though. Just to clarify; Aurora Earth is only a division of the Magistrates of the Kryst Worlds; as you have seen with Lisa Renee and other galactic Starseeds who are joining the Magistrates of the Kryst Worlds there are many other participants in this collaboration including the Galactic Council. Not all of them are joining to become Kryst beings, but we have all agreed on collaboration and for this purpose we, the Gaian Council and the other participants on Earth, have created a new Council to function as an organ for joint effort and communication between the different representatives on holographic Earth sol-3, dimension 5.

For now the Galactic Federation and the remaining division of the Luciferian-Melchizedek-Nagaian brotherhoods – and sisterhoods – as well as other factions belonging hereto, have gathered on Venus which always have been their main operation station. They are collaborating on specific tasks concerning their evolution as well as being the supervising group of incoming and leaving parties from holographic Earth sol-3, dimension 5.

The New Frontiers of Humanity, i.e. the branch of totally new galactic human races, even the Kryst Worlds are old compared to them, are the newest branch of humanity and is holding quite high levels of living consciousness due to some solutions to reversion and how to alter this into a non-crystallized state building on a whole new set of holographic principles, which I am very keen on getting to know. They will preside on Mercury for now, but later on expand into other areas which will open in the years to come, when most of the re-biogenesis is done with the incoming galactic races, as I have termed Ataraxians.

The Kryst Worlds Magistrates (KWMs) are presiding over Earth and Mars in 6D and up, and will later on start to downgrade this leadership into visible effects in 3-4D. The Councils are placed in 5D where politics etc is being played out, as usual 5D being the plan of decision and the true level of free will, and the GA has for now, with its many new branches covering education, religion, spiritual teachings, science etc. as well as overseeing the Collective Consciousness Field (CCF) been placed as the caretakers of 4D.

One of the main themes for the GA is to handle is the anticipated “the world is going to an end” which naturally did not play itself out in 2012, but the collective thought patterns still stand and those are making quite a lot of disturbances in the energetic fields of Earth. For now there seem to be some diversity in the new joint council whether or not to let this outplay itself or to stop it. There are pro- and against effects of such a scenario of which some would actually benefit the KWMs evolutionary paths and others that will not. It will for certain not change before the CCF of humanity has changed, because the many years of holding this fearful idea has collapsed the holographic probability fields into this scenario considering the behavior of our planet.

On the social scale of humanity leaders are being “prepped” into the new guidelines of Earth and how things are going to become in the near future, so despite a perhaps somewhat chaotic planetary whether, milieu, plant life, animal life etc., the 3D politics are going to be more homogeneous, but there is still a long way to go.

The dark crystal worlds, i.e. the TB, the Orions et al, still have some goons placed strategically around the world, which was inevitable as it is in the lower dimensional worlds. You have to go to a least 6D before this game is over and then it is still present here, but not something you have to take into consideration, because the division is in 5D.

As usual I will use the terminology I am handed because it reflects my brain signature and the energy I am in touch with. I have been asked to join in with the Gaian Council, which I have agreed on and my main claim was transparency, so I will use Grid Reports to deliver the 5D political news when there are something to share. In the end 5D politics are just as boring as the 3D politics, but if we, the old Gaians are to live like we would like, learning, exploring, traveling and evolving our individual consciousness, a joint participation as a diplomatic race is what we will do and galactic politics are a natural part of being a holographic or galactic being, because the holographic evolution concerns us all and affects us all. If we do not join in with our claims and wishes, the majority rules the game. In the true holographic set up, every single voice is heard, if the claim is reasonable and is for the good of many, so nobody´s opinion is left out. The true meaning of democracy has to be revived and I will do my best to be that voice of transparency remembering the old set up of the hologram on Earth.

Rebuilding Earth is not just to be following the KWMs ways, but has to be a joint effort making room for all of us present here, following the benevolent, free and progressive evolutionary paths. In that respect Earth is somewhat different, because there are so many old races present here. As for now we have freedom within the perimeters set by the KWMs; not total democracy, but still much better than before and the language of diplomacy and mutual respect still is the preferred way to handle whatever we will face in the future.

Posted by Randi Green at 5:12 AM

By olinstarwalker

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